The R Package: DendroSync

A Set of Tools for Calculating Spatial Synchrony Between Tree-Ring Chronologies.

General Description

Package Contents

  1. dendro.varcov: it calculates variance-covariance (VCOV) mixed models

  2. mod.table: it provides a table to compare fitted variance-covariance (VCOV) mixed models by AIC, AICc, BIC

  3. sync: it calculates spatial synchrony from fitted variance-covariance mixed models

  4. sync.plot: it creates dot plots of within- and between-group synchrony

  5. sync.trend: it calculates temporal trends of spatial sinchrony

  6. sync.trend.plot: it creates a line chart showing temporal trends of spatial synchrony


Alday JG; Shestakova TA, Resco de Dios V, Voltas J. (2018) DendroSync: An R package to unravel synchrony patterns in tree-ring networks. Dendrochronologia 47: 17-22.