MazamaCoreUtils 0.5.2

MazamaCoreUtils 0.5.1

MazamaCoreUtils 0.5.0

> timeStamp(unit = "hour")
[1] "2023102618"
> timeStamp(style = "clock")
[1] "2023-10-26T18:25:55"

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.16

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.15

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.14

The “geohash” algorithm is preferred but the “digest” algorithm is retained (and the default) because several existing databases use the “digest” algorithm as a unique identifier.

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.13

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.12

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.11

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.10

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.9

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.8

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.7

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.6

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.5

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.4

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.3

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.2

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.1

MazamaCoreUtils 0.4.0

This version address a few issues encountered while using 0.3.11 in production.

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.11

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.10

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.9

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.8

Added a suite of functions to easily run devtools::check() with different arguments: * check_fastest() * check_faster() * check_fast() * check() * check_slow() * check_slower() * check_slowest()

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.7

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.6

More consistency improvements to dateRange(). When specified, the days parameter now takes precedence over ceilingEnd when no enddate is specified.

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.5

Fully self-consistent package using internal functions wherever possible.

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.4

Various improvements after usage in an operational setting:

The ceilingEnd argument addresses the ambiguity of a phrase like: “August 1-8”. With ceilingEnd = FALSE (default) this pharse means “through the beginning of Aug 8”. With ceilingEnd = TRUE it means “through the end of Aug 8”.

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.3

This version adds new convenience functions for dealing with NULL values in pipeline flow control.

New functions

Dealing with NULL values

In a lot of the data pipelines we build (web services, packages, etc.), we need to deal with the possibility of NULL inputs. Setting a default value or throwing an error are two of the most common ways NUll values are dealt with. While the code to handle this is straightforward to write, it is verbose and repetitive. setIfNull() and stopIfNull() are designed to abstract away boilerplate code, allowing us to focus on more important things.

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.2

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.1

MazamaCoreUtils 0.3.0

This version focuses on enhancing the time utility capabilities of MazamaCoreUtils.

New functions

Function Argument Linting

In order to ensure that we are working with timezones consistently, the functions lintFunctionArgs_file() and lintFunctionArgs_directory() were created to parse R source files and determine if certain functions contained specific named arguments, based on a set of rules. A set of rules, timezoneLintRules, was created to check that all functions that accept a timezone have that argument explicitly fill, avoiding inconsistent default behavior.

Consolidating Time-Utility functions

PWFSLSmoke::parseDatetime() was moved into MazamaCoreUtils so more packages can benefit from it without importing the rest of PWFSLSmoke. Also, timeRange() was created to work as a function analogous to dateRange(), parsing time ranges instead of finding date ranges.

As part of this consolidation, more unit tests were added to the package.

MazamaCoreUtils 0.2.1

MazamaCoreUtils 0.2.0

MazamaCoreUtils 0.1.901

MazamaCoreUtils 0.1.900

MazamaCoreUtils 0.1.3

MazamaCoreUtils 0.1.2

MazamaCoreUtils 0.1.1

MazamaCoreUtils 0.1.0