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This package provides an R client for the Posit Connect Server API as well as helpful functions that utilize the client. The package is based on the rsconnnect package, but is publicly exported to be easier to use, is extensible via an R6 class, and is separated from the rsconnect package for easier support and maintenance.


Because many of these functions are experimental, it is advisable to be cautious about (1) upgrading the package, (2) upgrading Posit Connect when you care about the reproducibility of workflows that use connectapi. As a result, we would advise:

Please pay careful attention to the lifecycle badges of the various functions and warnings present when you are using experimental features.

Also, please share feedback!! We love hearing how the Posit Connect Server API is helpful and what additional endpoints would be useful!!


To install from CRAN:


To install the development version:



To create a client:

client <- connect(
  server = '',
  api_key = '<SUPER SECRET API KEY>'

You can also define the following environment variables (in a .Renviron file, for instance):

CONNECT_API_KEY = my-secret-api-key

These environment variable values will be used automatically if defined in your R session.

client <- connect()

Getting Started

Once a client is defined, you can use it to interact with Posit Connect.

Exploring Data

You can use the get_ methods to retrieve data from the Posit Connect server.

client <- connect()

# get data
users <- get_users(client)
groups <- get_groups(client)
usage_shiny <- get_usage_shiny(client)
usage_static <- get_usage_static(client)
some_content <- get_content(client)

# get all content
all_content <- get_content(client, limit = Inf)


The rsconnect package is usually used for deploying content to Connect. However, if you want to use programmatic deployment with the Posit Connect Server API, then these connectapi helpers should be useful!

client <- connect()

# deploying content
# NOTE: a `manifest.json` should already exist from `rsconnect::writeManifest()`

bundle <- bundle_dir("./path/to/directory")
content <- client %>% 
  deploy(bundle, name = "my-app-name") %>% 

# set an image for content

content %>% 

content %>% 

# set image and a vanity URL

content %>%
  set_image_path("./my/local/image.png") %>%

# change access_type to "anyone"

content$update(access_type = "all")
# edit another piece of content

client %>%
  content_item("the-content-guid") %>%
# migrate content to another server

client_prod <- connect(
  server = "",
  api_key = "my-secret-key"

prod_bnd <- client %>%
  content_item("the-guid-to-promote") %>%

client_prod %>%
  deploy(prod_bnd, title = "Now in Production") %>%

# open a browser to the content item
client_prod %>% browse_dashboard()
client_prod %>% browse_solo()

# open a browser to the docs
client_prod %>% browse_api_docs()

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Access Denied Errors?

This is likely due to either (1) Connect$server or Connect$api_key being defined improperly or (2) you do not have access to the Posit Connect cluster to do the operation in question

Constant warning about version numbers

This warning is intentionally chatty. While version number mismatches between Posit Connect and connectapi can be benign, we want you to be clear that connectapi is tightly coupled to a version of Posit Connect (because Posit Connect’s APIs change over time).

We strive to:

These priorities are sometimes at odds, and sometimes they create inconsistencies between versions as a result. To mitigate this, we recommend:

Error - Need to update Posit Connect

As a helpful clarification for users, we have added error messages to API requests when the version implemented in the package specifically introduces a backwards incompatible dependency on older versions of Posit Connect.

If you get this error message, our recommendation would be:

Please feel free to open an Issue if you think there is a bug, or ask a free-form question on Posit Community

Other ideas for FAQs or Common Issues?

Please submit a PR! We would love to have your contribution!

Code of Conduct

Please note that the connectapi project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.