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R interface for tiddlywiki which is a unique non-linear notebook for capturing, organising and sharing complex information.

Communicate with WebServer API for node.js only

WebServer APIs of tiddlywiki are implemented in R interface including GET list of tiddlers by filters, a tiddler, and file; PUT a new tiddler.

tw_options(host = "")
# Get all tiddlers
# Get a tiddler by title 
get_tiddler(title = "GettingStarted")

# Put a new tiddler 
title <- "New tiddler"
text <- c("!! Section",
          "This is a new tiddler")
type <- "text/vnd.tiddlywiki"
tags <- c("Tag1", "Tag 2")
fields <- c("field 1" = "value 1", "field 2" = "field 2")
put_tiddler(title = title, 
            text = text,
            type = type, 
            tags = tags,
            fields = fields)

Generate markdown tiddler from Rmarkdown file

A new output format tiddler_document is exported to generate markdown tiddler from Rmarkdown file and then PUT into tiddlywiki WebServer. The image files generated by knitr are copied into local folder of tiddlywiki as no PUT file API in tiddlywiki 5.2.2. This is a temporary solution.

Two parameter are used to specify the host of tiddlywiki server and path in the local file system.

A new tiddler in json format is generated in the Rmd folder and can be used to import into tiddlywiki in the server or single file. The tiddler PUT into server if host is specified. All images copy into local file system of tiddlywiki if path is specified.

The yaml header can be specified to export tiddler_document.

title: "R Markdown file"
    path: "full-path-to-tiddlywiki-project"
    host: ""
    tags: ["tag 1", "tag 2"]
      "field1": "V1"
      "field 2": "Value 2"

The title in the Rmarkdown file is used as tiddler name.

The markdown file is generated by functions rmarkdown::md_document or bookdown::markdown_document2 if use_bookdown is specified.


Install the developing version from Github.